Social Media Marketing

Management of marketing campaigns by the use of social media and social networks is termed “Social Media Marketing (SMM).” Social media marketing is used to promote a product, business, or service to boost sales with the help of social media websites. These websites or social media platforms have custom-built data analytics tools, which help companies to track their progress and campaigns. With the help of these ad campaigns, companies can add potential customers and can generate traffic of reliable customers and users. The Internet can reach around the globe within a minute. You can access any product with the help of social media websites.

In addition, social media marketing has modulated consumer behavior. Social platforms analyze how consumers make decisions, what they want to buy, and when they want to buy a product or service. These networks use semantic analysis technology to scrutinize the most accurate possible results of the searchers’ interests and interpret the relationship between searched words. Social media networks, platforms, and social websites use various strategies and policies to subsidize a business, service, or product.

Furthermore, social media marketing services are based on four pillars, which provide the opportunity to promote a business and target a potential active audience. These pillars are planning, publishing, analysis, and advertisements.

Social media marketing is considered a game-changer in the field of marketing. Traditional marketing trends are enormously substituted by new trends. If you want to make a drastic change in your business, then headhunt with trendy social media marketing. The ultimate goal of the 360 Degree Hub is to build your product presence on all social media platforms.

Kim Garst stated: “Successful social media marketing is not built on impressions. It is built on relationships.”


  • Social Media Marketing Services is the management of marketing campaigns with the help of social websites and social media platforms.
  • Social media platforms include Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube, Google Ad, LinkedIn, and TikTok.
  • Semantic Analysis Technology is used to scrutinize the most accurate possible result of the searcher and searched words.
  • The core pillars for social media marketing are Planning, Analysis, Execution, and Publishing.
  • The eventual goal of 360-Degree Hub is to build customer product presence on social media platforms.

Why Choose 360-Degree Hub for your Social Media Marketing (SMM)?

As mentioned above, marketing trends have changed. People are transferring from desktops to handheld technologies. Nowadays marketing is not about displaying billboards and signboards over a traffic signal and waiting for the customer to visit your brand. If you do not choose the right marketing techniques, your product will be of no use. You will not reach appropriate devotees without using expert opinion. Social media marketing is powerful digital marketing that allows individuals to engage themselves in a community and help build relationships with one another. It helps build virtual communities that allow users to express their requirements and interact with the consumers.

Choosing us will give you a chance to explore enormous social media marketing strategies. The 360-Degree Hub is a huge platform where incisive methods have been used to target the right active audience. Our Social Media Marketing Experts will help improve your social media dominance. We will provide you with higher conversion rates, which helps you boost your product all over social media in seconds. The 360-Degree Hub provides sophisticated customer satisfaction and discerning leadership. You can easily infiltrate the audience by using our reliable services.

Moreover, we will let you gain effective marketplace insights that help you better understand end-user intuition. Our services will make your product cost-effective and operative in front of reliable end-users. The 360-Degree Hub will make your product integral and authoritative for its end-users. Our competent social media experts will provide a better consumer indulgence that will improve your search engine rankings.


  • Marketing trends have changed from the traditional approach to operational inbound marketing.
  • Expert opinion is required to reach the appropriate audience.
  • The 360-Degree Hub is a platform where incisive methods have been used to target the active audience.
  • The 360-Degree Hub provides better customer satisfaction and perceptive leadership.

How Social Media Marketing (SMM) works:

Social media has changed the ways of connecting. The whole communication system has transformed from a traditional approach to a systematic approach. Social media marketing platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, and Youtube have taken off businesses to the next level. Business advertisements have transformed from TV ads to social network ads, where multiple outsourced workers are deployed by the marketers. These marketers post user-generated content about any product or business of the customer.

Likewise, our social media strategists are available 24/7 on social media platforms to provide services. Our social media marketing team uses several social media ad campaigns. Our goal is to create strong social media content. Our social media marketing experts create catchy content i.e. videos, GIFs, Images, etc., and post that content over the network. Our marketers employ tactics that can attract an audience. They design viral content, which can easily go viral among the users. Social networking sites allow users to repost and regenerate content that occurs frequently over the network.

Moreover, our main goal is to create virtual communities that help consumers to promote their products. Our experts generate channels for customers’ businesses and let other people engage with their products. When the user likes the post, they start sharing these posts among friends, family, and their virtual circle. As a result, more traffic is generated.


  • Multiple outsourced marketers are deployed for posting social media ads.
  • They post user-generated content and spread it over social networks.
  • Social media sites allow users to repost and regenerate content, which helps consumers to generate more active reliable traffic.
  • Sharing website links, content, and posts are considered an important factor.
  • Virtual communities are made with the help of these posts and these communities indirectly help a business promote its products.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing with 360-Degree Hub:

There are approximately 71.7 million social media users in our country that help customers in remarkable ways.

Excessive Traffic:

Social media marketing helps to generate inbound traffic passively. People who link with your content can share your data and this helps in generating an active audience for your product. When a user likes your product he/she will make a review for your service and publish comments about your product within his/her community. This enables excessive traffic generation.

Enhance Search Engine Rankings:

Social media marketing helps end-users to enhance their search engine ranking. When people start sharing your profile or service among their virtual communities, it helps boost your rankings. Retweets and re-sharing of posts will make your product dominant and more prominent among devoted consumers.

Product Recognition:

Product recognition refers to the ability of consumers to recognize and identify a specific brand. Our social media experts use semantic technology to make your product easily recognizable among end-users. Our experts use semantic web vision to create a database that interlinks and combines consumers’ data sources and makes their product or service recognizable among users.

Exceptional Consumer Satisfaction:

Client-Customer communication is an important factor in Social Media Marketing (SMM). You can improve your relationship with customers through high responsive mechanisms. Answering customer questions and giving replies to their comments allows you to create a strong bond of satisfaction with them. The 360-Degree Hub team remains active 24/7 on overall social media to provide you with better options for engaging yourself with end-users.

Brand Integrity:

The perception of your business among end-users is also an important factor and it is beneficial for the growth of the business. A company’s reputation resides in the integrity of its brand. If a user finds any skeptical or doubtful comment about your brand, the product of another brand is a click away. We will help you to keep your product reputed with our social media marketing approach. Our social media experts’ opinions and strategies will help you keep your promise to your customers

Product Authorization:

If your website is down, or your website is facing some kind of troubleshooting, social media can solve your problem. Let your customers or end-users know about troubleshooting. Inform your customers about the problem and let them know that it will be fixed. This helps make your business more reliable and authorized. Your customers demand your attention and they want you to respond to their problems quickly and effectively. If you publicly acknowledge the problem over social media, it will make your product authorized and effective.
According to a sociologist, 95% of people trust recommendations from others over branded content, even if they don’t know them personally.


Social Media Marketing is cost-effective. You are producing good results without spending a lot of money. Traditional marketing trends require a lot of money. We will provide you with better services with operative and good packages. You will be able to make a good transaction without spending much cash.
As per Richard Branson: “Social media is not only more cost-effective than advertising, it also offers great opportunities for innovative engagement with your customers.”

Perceptive Leadership:

Perceptive leadership refers to the strategic visionary leadership that objectifies and foresees future needs. Such a leader anticipates goals, scrutinizes, and executes plans according to the strategies. This can be used as an asset for the development of one’s business.


The benefits of Social Media Marketing Services are:
● Better communication with customers
● Increase inbound traffic
● Improved product recognition
● Brand integrity
● Better services and customer satisfaction

Social Media Marketing Strategy:

To drive better results on social media you need a strategy for your business’s social media campaigns. Besides making strategies and executing plans, understanding your customer is also critical. You have to better understand your customer. What do they want; when, and how these requirements can be accomplished; how can they be engaged; etc. Social Media Marketing strategies are:

Set your S.M.A.R.T goals: Planning, setting goals, and analyzing your motives are important factors in any business. If you want to make a drastic change, you should first set your goals and then work on them. Setting goals is the first step in strategy-making procedures. Our social media strategist will help you set S.M.A.R.T goals.

  • Specific: Make sure your goals are focused and operative.
  • Measurable: Focused goals always help you in the evaluation of achievements and progress.
  • Attainable: Always choose goals that are challenging yet achievable. Potential barriers must be accomplished.
  • Relatable: Relevant and appropriate goals keep you focused.
  • Time-bound: Timelines are important for the achievement of goals.

Understand the target audience:

Understanding and researching the target audience is also an important factor in strategy making. If you know your goals, plans, and procedures but you don’t have any knowledge regarding your clients or end-users, then all of your hard work will go in vain. With the help of our social media strategists, our experts will help you understand your target audience. They will use standard and methodical approaches to keep you informed about your audience. As mentioned above, semantic visionary is used by our experts to analyze the target audience’s behavior; to analyze what it wants, how to engage it, and how to make it active.

Choose the right platform:

It is important to present on those social media platforms where your target audience is present. Available on all social media platforms is not a key factor. Facebook has the highest number of users. There are 43.55 million users of Facebook in Pakistan and 7.85 million users in the UAE.

Generate and execute your content over social media:

We will create viral and catchy content for your product and publish the content over social media platforms that will attract your audience. Keeping the balance between valuable and promotional content is important. Social media platforms are used to socialize and make connections. If we create promotional content and do not focus on the values of the end-users it will affect the morale of the audience.

Examine Result:

Reviewing and analyzing your content plays a vital role in social media marketing. Keeping track of every content piece is important. A million likes do not make any sense if no one buys your product.


Hakimuddin Choudhry said: “Social Media Marketing without a strategy is like a ship in the middle of the ocean not knowing where to go.”

Social Media Marketing strategies are as follows:

● Setting S.M.A.R.T goals
● Understanding Target Audience
● Choosing the right platform
● Creating viral content
● Publishing content
● Reviewing and analyzing results

Social Media Marketing Resources:

An asset or a stock that can be used by a person or organization to work effectively is called a ‘resource.’ An action or strategy that can be used in adverse circumstances is also known as a ‘resource.’ Assets or strategies that are used for social media marketing are referred to as ‘social media marketing resources.’ Social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Quora, Pinterest, Twitter, TikTok, and Youtube will be used as our resources and tools for social media marketing.

Facebook advertisements:

Facebook is a marketing platform that offers highly targeted marketing advertisements for businesses and products. Facebook has the highest number of active users in Pakistan and the UAE. According to a recent survey of Facebook advertising resources, there are approximately 43.55 million active Facebook users in Pakistan and 7.20 million Facebook users in UAE. Facebook allows brands and businesses to put their products in front of the audience. It allows integration with other marketing channels to develop the promotion of a product and help the consumer increase traffic.
In addition, Facebook has a global outreach. More than 7 million active companies create advertisements for their users. Facebook offers highly specified paid advertisements. Facebook provides options for its consumers to select a particular audience based on its gender, region, education, and events. The Facebook database can generate advertisements according to its users’ search choices and interests.
Moreover, Facebook platforms use Meta business tools that help businesses to integrate with Facebook and provide services to the consumers by using its database technologies. The 360-Degree Hub will use Facebook marketing tools to help your business grow fast, attract a reliable audience from Facebook, and boost the mechanism at a low cost. We will provide you with modern trends and techniques so that you can generate substantial traffic. The content will be catchy and viral and will contain video ads, pictorial ads, slideshow ads, and collection ads.

LinkedIn advertisements:

LinkedIn is considered the world’s largest professional network on the Internet. It has a huge number of communities of professionals. Approximately 7.176 million professionals are connected with LinkedIn. LinkedIn helps you to strengthen your professional relationships. Social Media Marketing with LinkedIn helps you engage a community of professionals that can hike your business to the skies.
The 360-Degree Hub will help your business engage with other business professionals. Our Social Media Marketing Experts provide opportunities to bring your product onboard among professional communities.

Quora advertisements:

Quora is a marketing platform where businesses share their expertise and knowledge to promote a product or a brand. They engage their target audience with the help of content marketing. Quora helps you develop a meaningful conversation with your targeted audience and engage them with your brand. It helps your users to build a sense of trust in your product and to increase the credibility of your brand. Responding to the questions posted on Quora will help your audience learn about your brand. Marketers on Quora focus on high-quality research and content. It can impose a positive influence on your brand.
Likewise, the 360-Degree Hub provides you the opportunity to establish leadership by corresponding to the customer’s queries. We will let your customers engage with your product by giving meaningful answers to their questions. This will help you build credibility among your clients and drive more traffic. Our Social Media Strategists will help you create a strong bond with your client and let your users explore your product and brand.

Instagram advertisements:

Instagram is also a resource for social media marketing. Instagram is a free photograph and video sharing application. Instagram also has a social community. Instagram users share photos and video content in their profiles with their followers. Followers in an account of the user are considered a social community. You can also restrict your profile to private, instead of keeping it public, to keep data secure and authentic.
Social media marketing on Instagram is challenging. The photo and video content should be attractive and catch the end-users eyes. Our Social Media Strategists on Instagram will design creative content for your profile on Instagram that can attract traffic. Our Social Media Specialists help end-users discover your product, thereby strengthening its prevalence. The 360-Degree Hub lets you find potential audiences and helps in the growth of traffic. There are 10.7 million users of Instagram in Pakistan and approximately 4.5 million users in the UAE.

Youtube advertisements:

Youtube is a video-sharing platform where users can create, upload, and watch video content. Any kind of data can be created and uploaded over Youtube. A user can create a profile and then upload any kind of content on the platform. Youtube is a wide platform for social media marketing. You can create video content for your brand and upload it on Youtube. Subscribers of your profile can watch content about your product on your Youtube channel and if they like the content, they can share your videos with their friends, and family. It will help you to increase traffic and generate a huge number of subscribers. 55.7 million People in Pakistan use Youtube to watch and create video content. The duration of video content is not limited.
The 360-Degree Hub will help you in creating video content. Our Social Media Marketing Professionals will create popular sprouting video content for your Youtube channel that can easily fascinate your users. They can help your audience engage with your profile channel.

TikTok advertisements:

TikTok is considered the most viral platform for social media marketing. TikTok is a creative and trend-driven social media platform. Users can create, share and watch video clips of 1-2 minutes. TikTok is used to promote work, products, personalities, and businesses. TikTok is focused on localized content. Around 18.26 million people in Pakistan use TikTok.
We will help you create short video clips for your brand and intrigue the audience with the help of those 1-minute video clips. If your brand’s video content is not captive, you will be unable to attract the audience. Nowadays, creating viral videos for a product is trending. Without videos and animations, you will not engage a reliable audience.

Pinterest advertisements:

Pinterest is an image-sharing social media service. It is a visual discovery platform where a user can find lots of pins according to their interest. You can share, save them on your board, and like a pin. You can share your ideas with others, which is a huge resource for your product. You can even create links with the help of saving pins on your board.
You can link a pin to your website. When you open an image through a pin it can be directly connected to your website and users who are accessing your pin can easily engage with your website and products.

Twitter advertisements:

Twitter is also a social media service that connects people. People can share ideas with huge audiences and connect with others around the globe. It allows users to post about day-to-day events. Social Media Marketers’ main goal is to increase brand awareness and engage the audience with the latest news and events. Our Social Media Experts help you keep your product trending so that you can engage an audience and get a chance to generate huge traffic.
There are approximately 3.40 million users of Twitter in Pakistan. Twitter helps grow an audience globally. We will help you engage with your audience through valuable content. Our primary focus is to grow brand awareness among your followers and make your product authorized among end-users.


Assets or strategies used for social marketing refer to social media marketing resources. Social media marketing resources are:

● Facebook ads
● Instagram advertisements
● Youtube advertisements
● Quora advertisements
● LinkedIn advertisements
● TikTok advertisements
● Pinterest advertisements
● Twitter advertisements

The 360-Degree Hub’s Social Media Marketing Packages:

The 360-Degree Hub packages start from $ 200 per month. We will help you enhance your business presence on all social media platforms. Our primary focus is to engage the audience with attractive and creative posts and grow brand awareness among your customers. Besides this, we can use social media marketing to connect with your end-users in personal and meaningful ways. We will help you deal with any kind of situation in real-time. The 360-Degree Hub recommends three strategic plans for social media marketing:

● Basic Social Media Marketing
● Standard Social Media Marketing
● Premium Social Media Marketing

1Social Media Accounts CreationYesYesYes
2Social Media Accounts Management (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube, Twitter, Quora, LinkedIn, and TikTok.)YesYesYes
3Number of posts101216
4Content Creation and DesigningYesYesYes
5Monthly Content CalendarYesYesYes
6Social Media Marketing Strategy BuildingYesYesYes
7Post sharing & Hash-TaggingYesYes
8Social Media Management Campaign+75$+125$+176$
9Animated video Without a voice-over+25$+40$+10$
10Animated video with voice-over+40$+75$+200$

Basic Social Media Marketing:

Our Social Media Marketing campaigns will help you speed up market penetration, and maintain sustainability. We will provide you with our services to help you boost your business. Our team will create your business’s social media accounts. They will manage those accounts for a month. Social media accounts include Facebook accounts, Instagram accounts, LinkedIn accounts, Quora, Twitter profiles, Youtube channels, Pinterest, and TikTok accounts.
We will create and design content that includes 10 posts and GIF creation. We will maintain a monthly content calendar i.e. post sharing and hash-tagging. Social media marketing strategy building will be our primary focus. Monthly achievement reporting to our clients is our basic goal. Social Media Marketing campaigns’ management charges will be up to $75. Spending and Achievement records will be shared with the customers. Photos, GIFs, and animated videos will be included in the content of our social media marketing. Animated videos of 5 seconds’ duration without voice-overs and scripting will cost +25$. And animated videos with voice-over will cost +40$.

Standard Social Media Marketing:

Social Media Marketing provides companies with a way to engage with customers and reach new customers. In this strategic plan, our main focus will be on the creation of sticky content. Our team will create a plan that helps customers conduct the desired action i.e. buying the product of your business or sharing the link of your brand within their own social media network. Standard Social Media Plan involves the creation and management of social media accounts.
This plan also includes management of Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Youtube channels, LinkedIn, Quora, and TikTok. We will create up to 12 photographic content and include 3 GIFs. A monthly Content Calendar will be generated that comprehends details regarding post sharing and hash-tagging on social media accounts. A monthly performance statement will also be maintained. Our standard Social Media Campaigns charges will be up to +125$. Customers can keep track of the cost and achievement of the campaign. Visual media i.e. images, GIFs, and videos will be a part of this social media marketing plan. Animated videos are also included in this plan. Animated videos of 5-15 seconds without voice-over will be +40$. Narrated animated videos will cost +75$.

Premium Social Media Marketing:

Paid social media marketing helps in driving sales and generating revenue. With our premium social media marketing plan, your sales can get an extra boost that will help in the sustainability of traffic and engagement of your customers for a long duration. With this premium plan, we will display advertisements and approved marketing messages on popular social media networks and target your desired audience.
Likewise, our premium social media marketing campaign involves the creation and management of your business’s social media accounts. Besides the management of accounts, we will also create and design catchy content for your users. This will help your client share the content among communities on social media networks and will help us drive traffic for your product. Social media networks like Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, LinkedIn, Quora, TikTok, Pinterest, and Twitter will be included.
The premium plan involves 16 photographs and up to 3 GIFs creation. A monthly performance calendar will be maintained and shared with you so that you can keep track of your brand’s achievements. Our premium social media marketing campaigns will cost +176$. You will be notified about achievements and performance in your brand’s promotion. Imaged and animated media will also be a part of this plan. Animated videos of 15 seconds to 1 minute without voice-overs will cost +100$ and with voice-over, they will cost +200$.