Video Marketing is a form of digital marketing that uses videos to promote and advertise a product of a brand. It is a form of digital marketing that tells people about your services and products in the form of videos. It is a fundamental module of assimilative advertising that connects the brands with the customers and engages them with the brand’s products and services. Video Marketing for business means the use of videos to promote a brand’s products, and services. It is a form of digital channel that uses multiple forms of videos to spread information regarding your brand among your customers and consumers.

Video marketing is an effective technique of digital marketing for the promotion of your business among potential traffic. With advanced technologies marketing techniques have changed. We are living in an era where one video can attract several clients more instead of traditional billboards advertisements and banners. Around 87% of internet users look for videos. Video marketing can lead to a massive social media following on the internet.

Dan Patterson says: “Humans are incredibly visual and powerful, moving images help us find meaning… [And] video helps capture and contextualize the world around us”.

Video Production marketing is the easiest and most effective way to engage your target audience on social media platforms and it also helps to boost potential customers. Video Production and Marketing is a strategy designed by video marketing specialists to market products and services to clients. Social Media’s new marketing trends are evolving by the day. You create and utilize videos as a means of advertising your brand in front of the audience. It is the most apparent way to engage a client and retain customers.


What is video marketing’s goal?

Setting goals in marketing management plays an important role in clarifying directions for your brand. It is impossible to run a successful business without forming appropriate goals for your video marketing campaigns. The primary goal of every video marketing campaign is to create a continuous demand for the products and services of your brand among customers. If you don’t make plans for the achievement it will be difficult to attain long-term marketing goals. Having unclear objectives will cause problems in your video-making process. Numerous video marketing goals can help you with the video-making process.

Video marketing for businesses should consist of an effective video strategic marketing plan. It is a process that can allow a company to focus on the use of limited resources and generate high revenue from the limited budget. The proper marketing strategy can lead you to achieve high sales. Before the creation of the video production, it is mandatory to audit your budget and make market research regarding your competitors. Analyze the procedures that your competitors are using for video marketing and identify their techniques to achieve the competitive approach.

Determine an adequate video budget for the marketing of your brand. It is significant to determine your budget. To get an idea of your budgeting plan you should list all the items that are under use in your video-marketing production. Make a list of the equipment and identify their estimated cost. It is manageable to develop budget-friendly and best marketing videos for your brand. The need for imperative and fascinating content is essential. The use of valuable coercive content can drive your customer to take action. Influential video marketing content is not just a piece of information for your audience but it is a smart technique to inspire your audience.

Identification of the content of video production is also an essential factor in video marketing strategic goals. Analyze the production resources for the video i.e. what we will record for the video, the script or storyboard for the video, and the destination for the video production and marketing. Among these three factors, using the latest gear and updated software also has an important role in video production for your business.

Tracking performance metrics for your brand is a major goal in marketing. Performance metrics is an appropriate tool for tracking the effectiveness of your business. Your video marketing campaign should be effective and keeping track of your video quality has a drastic effect on your business.

Identification of the Social Media platforms for the distribution of your video is influential for your business. Online video distribution of the video content refers to the steps in which video content is distributed among multiple social media platforms. It is the distribution of the content among a large targeted audience. The ways to promote the video content help engage the customers.


Why is video marketing important?

Videos are a tremendous way to justify your product in the market. It is used to promote your product and services in the market and allows you to reach your client with a new medium. Video Marketing for social media is the most compelling way to tell about your product and services. It establishes authority and trust for your client. It helps gain the attention of your customer and is considered a cost-effective technique of digital media marketing.

Marketing Video for the business

is the way to promote brand awareness among your clients. It is an enormous tool to tell the audience about the services of your brand. Video helps your client to understand your products, services, and brand. It also encourages customers to visit your profile and share your profile with the virtual communities on social media. Video is an effective way to tell the story about your brand in public.

Video production for the business

is a source of benefit for the inflation of transaction dividends. It helps increase sales revenue. By uploading the promotion video for your brand you can easily attract the target audience. More than 87% of people visit the profile of a brand after watching promotion videos of the brand. They have been convinced to buy a product after watching advertisement videos of the brand.

Social media videos for marketing

your business are an efficient way to increase the online engagement of consumers. It is a persuasive way to increase user engagement on the website and decrease bounce rate. A bounce rate is the percentage of the visitors who visit a particular website and navigate to another website after searching one page.

Video production marketing

of your brand is a compelling process to boost the Search Engine Optimization of your business search engines. It is a practical procedure to boost the rankings of your website in the search engine. Video Marketing is considered an appropriate way to promote the Youtube channel.  With the help of Youtube video marketing, you can generate website traffic. The creation of short videos for the promotion of your services is essential.


Videos are one of the effective marketing techniques that drive tremendous results for the promotion of your brand.

Forms of Video Marketing Services:

Video marketing is a source of brand development. It helps with 3 key stages of brand promotion. More than 50% of consumers want videos with different content. The business they are supporting should consist of different content and to meet their demand brands always come up with new video content from time to time. Furthermore, there are multiple techniques and forms that brands and companies are using to meet the need of their consumers. Brands are using techniques to compete with other brands in the market and attempt unique videos to stand out differently in the market.

With the help of video production, a business can create an emotional medium with the client. Video marketing for your business is a powerful retention tool. You can hire influencers or bloggers to increase the number of consumers. With the help of influencers, you can personalize your brand/ business. It is a tool to drive your consumer’s attention from time to time with the help of new video production.

In addition, video marketing of your product can help you generate an audience and boost the engagement of old consumers. Video marketing is a way to grow your brand’s products on social media and other digital platforms that can drive reliable traffic for your product.

Video marketing services are divided into various categories.

Product Video:

These are the videos that show a particular feature of your product to capture the consumer. These featured videos must be professional, as they turn consumers into prospects. These are the videos that are produced to educate your consumer about a specific product or service regarding your brand.

Explainer Video:

These are the form of videos that can tell consumers about your business. Explainer videos can tell customers what you do. A good explainer video can tell what problem your brand is solving and who are you.

Live Videos:

Social media platforms are using live streaming videos. It is a source of engaging your consumers in real-time. Most social media platforms are providing live streaming videos for the engagement of your customer. It is a streaming media that is recorded and broadcast in real-time. You can interact with your client with the help of these real-time videos by engaging them in the comment box. It is an effective way to identify what your user wants from you with the help of their comments.

Tutorial Videos:

These are the marketing video that can tell consumers “how to use” your product. These are the educational videos that can train your clients on how to use a product of your brand. These kinds of videos are an effective way to increase the credibility and trust of your brand.

Educational Videos:

These are videos that can record and upload on Youtube. The approach this kind of video is using is simple. Choose a topic that aligns with the topic for your brand’s product or service and then make a Youtube video of the content instead of making traditional videos. Youtube is considered the most powerful social media tool for the promotion of a brand or service.

Case study Videos:

Unlike educational and tutorial videos, these are the videos that can simply answer the questions they have, before purchasing a product from your brand. Case study videos illustrate your brand’s values and they make your product more valuable to your clients.

Short-Form Social Media Reels:

Instagram and TikTok are short-form video marketing platforms. Instagram videos duration is up to 2 minutes and TikTok is a one-minute video-making platform. You can use short-form videos to convey messages regarding the product and services of your brand.

Animated Paid social media videos:

Animated Illustrations are also a trend in social advertisements. It is a tremendous way to show a brand’s personality with the help of animated illustrations.

Complimentary Videos:

A form of Video marketing that shows a customer complimenting a business or product of a brand. In general, the client gives a short introduction about who are they and why they approach the specific product of the brand, and how the product helps them in solving their problem.


Why choose video marketing services from the 360-degree hub?

Video Marketing is a powerful tool that can immediately power up your marketing efforts. Video marketing for your business can help you with lead generation. It is the first step in the promotion of your brand. For this purpose, you need a piece of expert advice to drive wonderful results through the video marketing campaign. The 360-Degree Hub is providing some better techniques for video marketing. Choosing us will give you a chance to explore different marketing world techniques. We will allow you to increase qualified leads which in turn helps you with higher ROI. The 360-Degree Hub will provide you right online video marketing platforms that will be useful for lead generation.

The 360-Degree Hub is a digital marketing platform that also provides Video Marketing Services. Our competent Video marketing experts will provide you with better video marketing tips and techniques to improve your brand’s awareness. We will let you know about the modern trends and directions to compete with your competitors in the market. Our Video marketing experts will give you the knowledge about how to deal with modern trends and they will provide you with exceptional services for the production of your videos to market.

Moreover, your brand is your identity in the market. You want your users to recognize you instantly. For this purpose professional video marketing is used to drive your user’s attention. Our marketing experts will integrate your brand’s marketing videos with your website. It is important to create consumer-focused videos to drive the attention of your customers. Youtube, TikTok, and Instagram are major social media platforms for video marketing. You can easily gain consumers by uploading aesthetic marketing videos on these social media platforms to experience drastic results.

In addition, the 360-Degree Hub is a platform where succinct and abridged methods are used for the video production services to deal with the competitors in the market. Quality video production services are provided to improve a brand’s integrity. Around 52% of marketing professionals termed video marketing as the best Return on Investment. With the help of our professionals, you can get better ROI results. Our analytics allow you to view traffic count, traffic sources, geography, dividend, and more.

You need to redirect your viewers to your website to achieve your goals. For this purpose, our marketing experts will provide you with opportunities to direct all clicks to link with the website. The video is integrated with your website which helps boost your search engine optimization. Nowadays, video marketers used API for tracking links and connecting various services that are linked with your business. As result, the use of videos can help you with an increase in revenue and sales. It is important to stream on multiple social media platforms to drive the attention of the potential users and convert them to lead.


Video Production pricing

Our video marketing services can help you generate sales and increase revenue. Our video marketing strategies will help you with the increase in ROI. We will help you increase the demand for your product and develop trust among your potential consumers.  These videos will put on a human face for your business to improve your name in the market and make your products authoritative.

Rs.15000/-Rs. 20,000/-Rs. 40,000/-
1DURATION30 Seconds45 Seconds60 Seconds
3DELIVERY3-4 days3-4 days6-7 days
4MUSICFree Background MusicFree Background MusicFree Background Music
8 Platforms Yes Yes Yes


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